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Common problem

How to choose a French awning?

Updated  2019-06-21 16:39:45 Guangzhou Oasis Awning Co.,Ltd Read

Since the invention, French awnings have been deeply loved by the majority of merchants and consumers. In the hot summer days, people are more willing to choose comfortable businesses to consume. French awnings can bring you a refreshing and cool environment while at the same time serving you. The house adds a touch of color. Since it is so popular, how to choose a French awning is more appropriate?

First, give priority to performance
Choosing a French awning, the performance is a priority. A good French awning has a comprehensive external sunshade function, which can block ultraviolet radiation, reduce the indoor temperature, reduce the air conditioning load, and block the summer heat. The strong sunlight is reflected into the room in the form of diffused light, which makes the indoor light bright and dazzling, and does not affect the view of the window from the interior, extending people’s living space from indoors to outdoors, creating a new living space. 

Second, pick fabrics to choose work
A good-use French awning, its workmanship and fabrics must not be ignored. Dark colors are recommended for fabric colors for better shading. The fabric should be fixed in size, not deformed, smooth and smooth, and free to rewind, so that it is more convenient and worry-free to use. Fabrics should have sufficient tensile and tear strength to prevent the risk of tearing in harsh weather conditions. The surface of the fabric should have certain anti-pollution properties, which is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Third, look at the price performance

Nowadays, the choice of products depends on the price/performance ratio. The choice of French awnings is no exception. Some simple outdoor awnings may indeed be cheaper, but there are different gaps in product quality, craftsmanship, and overall aesthetic comfort compared to premium French awnings. Under the premise of meeting their own needs, and then through price screening, this can find a more cost-effective French awning.
In the face of the complicated French awning products on the market, consumers can find the products that are more suitable for them. French awnings must not only consider the performance, but also have the characteristics of beauty and durability, and then select the more cost-effective products according to their own application environment, so that they can find a French awning suitable for them.