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development history

Development history

In 1997, Mr. Wang pinhua, the founder of oasis, discovered the potential of outdoor shading industry, so he gave up his previous normal business and led several employees to devote themselves to the outdoor shading industry.

start-up stage

In 1997, baiyun district of guangzhou formally established "oasis awning" company.

In 1999, the company introduced a variety of outdoor sunshade products for improvement and development,  which solved the limitation of limited product types and application scope, and improved and optimized the production technology.

Exploratory growth stage

In 2001, the company gradually gained market recognition. For example, the most representative projects: “China Grand Hotel” and “Guangzhou Garden Hotel”, etc., “Oasis” has become one of the few brand companies in Guangdong’s shading industry. This year the company officially changed its name to OASIS Decoration Company.

In 2002, we successfully registered the "OASIS" brand and opened stores in the major furniture cities in guangzhou. "OASIS" has become a well-known brand with reliable quality in the industry.

In 2003, oasis participated in the domestic commodity trade fair, which was well known by the commercial personnel of all provinces in China.

Stable expansion phase

In 2005, the company focused on product development and design, launched a new type of curved arm awning, developed more practical "sunshine" awning, and successfully applied for "sunshine" product patent.

In 2006, we focused on energy conservation and environmental protection, and began to involve sunshade in residential, commercial, and construction areas. In this year, OASIS was awarded the “China Construction Industry Association Building Energy Conservation Professional Committee” and also joined the “Shanghai Decoration Industry Association”.

In 2007, with the team continued to grow and the technology to improve, the business of OASIS expanded throughout the provinces, cities and regions. The strength and competitive advantage of the company were significantly enhanced during the year.

Enterprise adjustment stage

In 2008, we insisted on technological innovation, planned marketing strategy, and formulated the development target strategy for the next five years.

In 2010, due to the need of expanding production, the company moved to guangzhou panyu to set up a factory to strengthen the internal management of the company and promote brand marketing. Besides,OASIS AWNING (HONG KONG) CO.,LTD was established.

Brand marketing stage

2011: The scale of the factory continued to expand, and the team building continued to improve. During the same period, it became a member of the Building Energy Conservation Committee of the Building Energy Conservation Professional Committee of the China Building Society.

2013: Five-year planning goal is achieved, “OASIS” has become a well-known brand in the industry.

2015: Established Guangzhou Dream Maker Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., launched the “Dream Maker” high-end brand, and became a member of Guangdong Outdoor Furniture Industry Association.

2016: Brand marketing is going to the whole country, and the market share is expanding rapidly. There are “OASIS” dealers and agents all over the country, which have been recognized by all walks of life and become members of the Building Shading Materials Branch of China Building Decoration and Decoration Materials Association.

2017: Adhere to the road of brand enterprises, and cooperate with many well-known enterprises. In the same year, “Dream Makers” has joined the provinces in 14 provinces, established a high-end sunshade strategic brand positioning system, and won the “Top Ten Chinese Architectural Sunshade”Well-known brand" title.

2018: Participated in the world-famous R+T shade product exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. The new products of “Dream Makers” officially appeared in overseas markets, and the pace of the company’s brand going to the world is accelerating.