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What is the use of French awnings?

Updated  2019-06-21 16:38:32 Guangzhou Oasis Awning Co.,Ltd Read

French awnings are very common in everyday life, whether it’s a corner cafe, a European private garden, or a street shop. Why is the French awning so popular? The original French awning is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has many practical uses. In this article, let Xiaobian lead everyone to understand the role of French awnings.

1, UV protection
As a kind of sunshade tool, the obvious obvious advantage of the French awning is naturally its good UV protection function. French sunshades can effectively isolate most of the UV rays due to their special sunscreen fabric. On a summer day in the sun, a good French awning can effectively block the sun’s harmful rays, thus protecting your furniture and floor from the sun.

2, reduce air conditioning load
According to relevant statistics, because the French awning can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, the indoors are protected from exposure, and the speed of temperature increase is slowed down, so that the load of the air conditioner can be effectively reduced. In the hot summer days, air conditioners are used for a long time and frequently, especially in public places such as offices, libraries, and schools. At this time, it is a rare and sensible to install a French awning to reduce the air conditioning load on a large scale.

3. Improve the image of the overall building
The reason why French awnings are popular with people is naturally connected with its beautiful and elegant appearance. French awnings are available in a variety of styles and colors, and can be tailored to different users. A colorful French awning is a bright presence in the city. Not only that, the beautiful French awning can help the business to attract more potential users and increase the profit of the business.

In the hot summer sun, a decorative French awning can not only help people save air-conditioning electricity costs, block the sun, but also show a good taste. No longer have to worry about furniture and floors being sunburned by the sun, don’t worry about the difference in the store’s differentiation, and don’t worry about the pedestrians who don’t see your store. The combination is beautiful and the French awning is the best choice for your summer.