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Common problem

What is the method for cleaning and selecting awnings?

Updated  2019-06-21 16:40:29 Guangzhou Oasis Awning Co.,Ltd Read

Shenzhen outdoor awnings are very convenient to use, and many users like to use them. Today, the small series of Shenzhen Shangzhi Tent Co., Ltd. teaches everyone how to carry out daily cleaning work.

Shenzhen outdoor awnings are very convenient to use. In fact, cleaning is also the same. Generally, it is only necessary to clear the dust work, and the leaf branches accumulated on some tents are regularly cleaned up, and these can be cleared on sunny days. jobs.
There is a lot of doubts about the use of Shenzhen outdoor awnings in many multi-storey buildings or low-rise buildings. I don’t know how to choose them, especially if there are high-rise buildings next to them. At this time, the sun is blocked by the buildings. The use is of little significance, so the actual choice we need to consider the actual environment.
      The problem that can not be ignored in the use of awnings is the material and material conditions. These are the things that affect our daily use. Especially in terms of thickness and size, we must consider carefully in the purchase of our users. No problems or troubles. When you are connected and installed, you can ask the manufacturer for help and carry out the most scientific installation, so that the problems in subsequent use will be greatly reduced. Easy to use is the point to really consider from the perspective of the user.