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Do you know the carport and canopy?

Updated  2019-07-13 10:58:42 Guangzhou Oasis Awning Co.,Ltd Read

The thicker the endurance board of the carport and canopy, the better?

The endurance board has the functions of wind resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, beauty and safety. In daily life, the common canopy has an aluminum canopy and a glass canopy. When installing the carport canopy, we should consider the price budget, frame bearing and other factors, because the endurance plates of different thicknesses have different prices, the thicker the endurance plates of the same quality, the more expensive the price; and the thickness and weight of the endurance plates are proportional of. When selecting the endurance board, do not think that the thicker the endurance board, the better. It is recommended to use the endurance board with UV anti-UV coating to effectively extend the service life of the endurance board. The quality of the endurance board is really good.

The high-quality endurance board car shed has strong impact resistance, UV protection, heat insulation and dustproof, and is durable and durable. The appearance is personalized and beautiful. Whether the aluminum alloy and endurance board materials of the endurance board car shed are made of new materials, and the endurance board car shed made of raw materials mixed with waste materials will affect the overall safety and service life of the car shed. In addition to the material of the material, we have to look at the details of the workmanship of the carport, and whether it is a professional installation.

When purchasing an endurance board car shed, you must pay attention to the reputation and service quality of the manufacturer. The brand reputation of the endurance board car shed manufacturers, is related to the qualification certification. It will be more standardized in terms of scale, product quality and service system. Assuming that a manufacturer cannot guarantee quality, its products cannot be guaranteed.

It is recommended to use the Green Island carport canopy, which is made of high-quality endurance board. The board is made of new material. The top surface contains anti-ultraviolet co-extruded layer. The force board is guaranteed for 10 years without yellowing and does not age. In the impact resistance, anti-aging and wind resistance and other advantages.