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What details should you pay attention to when pushing and pulling the shed?

Updated  2019-07-11 15:24:59 Guangzhou Oasis Awning Co.,Ltd Read

Maybe you will ask, is it troublesome to push and pull the canopy? In fact, the push-pull canopy itself cannot withstand the strong wind of 7-8. Therefore, the technical department proposed to fix the wheel on the ground with the connection and the top explosion-proof screw, so that it can resist the strong wind of 7-8. . The awning will still shrink. Even during the shrinking process, use pliers to pull out the wheels and chains.

Now let’s talk about the details that need to be taken care of when pushing the shed. As long as you master them, you can freely push and pull.

1. Need four people, four corners, one person on each side. They need to shrink to the other side, each holding two pillars, but if the two people use different strengths, the ceiling will tilt, not shrink, the same principle is used to open the ceiling. 

2. The degree of contraction of the shed should be half of the length of the telescopic. For example, if the awning is 20 meters long, it is recommended not to shrink when it is contracted to 10 meters.
     3, should pay attention to the two sides of the cloth, if the two sides are made of cloth and close to the ground, it is necessary to take protective measures to avoid the cloth being caught by the rolling casters when shrinking.
     4. When the rain shed is placed in the ideal position, the ground on both sides of the canopy needs to be fixed to prevent the occurrence of natural disasters and avoid unnecessary losses.

5. Remove the fixed chain on the ground of the column.

Ok, the above is what Xiaobian wants to give everyone the content of science. Today, everyone has learned it. Is it very simple?