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About the awning small information

Updated  2019-07-17 15:08:05 Guangzhou Oasis Awning Co.,Ltd Read

Guangzhou Yupin Yangpeng Co., Ltd. is a production, custom, design, direct sales of various shade products and large warehouse tents, outdoor car tents, push-pull activity canopy, fixed canvas canopy, activity tents, food stalls, mobile Carport, retractable awning, French window awning, large event tent, sliding canopy, car tent, shelter, and other tent series.

Fixed awning:
1. According to the design of the shape of the building to reflect its beautiful curve.
The fixed awning is the perfect embellishment for your entrance and walkway, giving you all-weather protection while protecting you from the sun.
The fixed canopy can also be designed in various styles. The fixed canopy has a beautiful appearance, the appearance is dotted with the room, and the commercial store is dotted, which improves the visual sense of the entire store.

Outdoor awning:
1. It can adjust the indoor lighting environment of the building. While blocking the hot summer days, it can make the strong sunlight reflect into the room in the form of diffused light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling, without affecting the viewing of outdoor scenery. In this case, extending people’s living space from indoors to outdoors greatly increases people’s living space.
2, the use of large diameter tubular motor with diameter of 50mm 2, according to customer requirements can choose manual or electric control 3, awning can stretch up to 3.5 meters, width up to 6 meters 4, fabric requirements can be wind, rain and tensile Strong 5, can effectively block the sun and reduce the greenhouse effect. Statistics show that up to 60% of cooling power can be saved by installing awnings in the window and not installing awnings. The darker the fabric, the better the UV resistance.

The role of awnings has been recognized and accepted by many people. The efficacy and use of awnings are also worthy of attention. Because it brings convenience and happiness to more consumers.

What is an awning: The awning is a sunshade device that adopts a winding method to make the soft material of the cord slant downward and the angle of the small plane is extended and retracted in the range of 0° to 15°, and is an excellent outer visor product.

The classification of awnings can be divided into: driving, electric, and fixed according to the driving method. According to the type can be divided into: open curved arm awning, full box curved arm awning, swing arm awning, parasol, canopy awning, spring awning, folding arm awning.