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Industry information

Outdoor awning latest market

Updated  2019-07-09 10:29:12 Guangzhou Oasis Awning Co.,Ltd Read

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s living conditions have also been greatly improved, and various styles of villas have also been completed one by one. Electric awnings have also become a fashion pursuit. Electric awnings are found everywhere in private gardens and private homes, and are available in a variety of styles. Therefore, people have a greater demand for awning products with beautiful appearance and convenient use. Let’s take a look at the knowledge of electric awnings.

Half-box curved arm canopy: It is characterized in that the sunshade fabric can be incorporated into the casing. The work is to use a mechanical device and a crank device system to generate a telescopic tension under the action of a spring. It can be applied to hard wall installations such as concrete, brick walls, wood, light steel keels, and ceiling installation. Scope of application: suitable for villas, hotels, gardens, terraces, terraces, penthouse gardens, commercial streets and leisure clubs, etc., while increasing the leisure space and business premises. In the yarn manufacturing process, the USTER spinning expert system is used for online real-time monitoring to ensure yarn uniformity and performance stability. The external shading facility makes your room as cool as it is under the shade of trees, which is why the effect of external shading is much better than the effect of internal shading. Electric awnings originated in Europe and the United States and have been in development for hundreds of years. It is now common for some developed countries such as Europe and the United States to use electric awnings, just as Chinese households use air conditioners. The entry of electric awnings into the Chinese market is only a matter of recent years. First, some foreign brands are sold in China. Then some domestic companies have also launched our own brands, which has greatly promoted the popularity of awnings. Quick and easy installation with rack system and flat panel mounting system adjustments. The awning can also adjust the tilt angle when it is closed. LED strips can be installed under the awning, with optional cold and warm light. The automatic positioning system uses an intelligent installation system for easy and flexible installation. Straight line design is ideal for modern architecture and is the architect’s first choice. The automatic position system allows the awning to be installed without the need to support its weight. Very convenient and fast, there is no difficulty in operation. The shade sails can be regular rectangular, square or triangular, and can be bright red, bright yellow. In ordinary times, the most popular outdoor shade products may be parasols arranged next to the open air seat of the restaurant.

    In order to make the electric awning safer and more convenient for users, some awning companies apply some new technologies to electric awnings, such as wind, light and rain weather sensors, when the ambient wind is greater than the wind that the awning can withstand. The wind sensor system will automatically restore the awning. When the sun goes down, the light sensor system will control the electric awning to automatically recover. When it encounters rain, the user does not have to worry about the awning being heavily rained. Damaged, the rain-sensing system will automatically retract the electric awning, and the sunshade will eliminate the worries of the user’s fear of bad weather damage to the awning. The building’s outdoor shading system reduces air conditioning electricity bills for residents; at the same time, installing a building exterior shading system can eliminate 80% of glare. It is suitable for high quality awnings in villas, hotels, gardens, terraces, terraces, top floor gardens, commercial streets and leisure clubs. It is the first choice for decoration and sunshade. Open curved arm awning: It can be applied to hard wall installations such as concrete, brick wall, wood, light steel keel, and ceiling installation. The new open curved arm awning: the difference with the old-fashioned is that its vertical side can hang down one meter, and the vertical edge can be retracted into the front pole, and the vertical edge can be retracted at will. However, the external sunshade is very different, it can be blocked before the sun reaches your window, and because there is flowing air between the sunshade and the window to take the heat away, the heat will not have a chance to enter you. Indoors, even not drying your windows.